Nintendo Announce Storage Solution – The SD Card

Geeks and otaku rejoice, for Iwata-san has announced that the Wii will be seeing an SD card storage solution.

Laurent Fischer may have laughed at the prospect of a Wii storage solution mere months ago, but President Satoru Iwata has finally recognised the need for more storage space on the Wii.

Iwata-san admitted at the Nintendo Media Summit that the Wii had “insufficient memory storage”, and that this problem needed to be addressed. Nintendo will make a firmware update available for the Wii in Japan in Spring 2009 which will allow users to download Virtual Console and WiiWare games and Wii Channels directly onto an SD card.

Not only that, but Nintendo will be implementing several new schemes in an effort to get more people connecting their Wii and DS to the internet. New Wii units will now include a short three minute movie which demonstrates how to connect your Wii to the internet to new users. An incentive scheme will also be launched in Japan, in which you can earn yourself 500 Wii Points if you help to hook a new Wii owner up online.

We fail to see why it’s taken so long for Nintendo to realise that SD cards are capable of running VC and WiiWare games (we’re nearly at the two year mark now), but at least we know a definite solution is on the way.

Source: Eurogamer