PC Review: The Collider 2

High-speed madness awaits…

The Collider 2 is one crazy game. It does work with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive’s VR headsets, but alas we don’t have them yet…so the review will be moving past that and just looking at the game itself.
There’s a loose story with the game about an alien force and the mothership needs to be scouted from the inside in order to destroy it. What that entails is guiding your ship through tight corridors with gaps for you to get through, some are tiny and some rotate…while your ship gets faster and faster…split-second timing is what is required here. You essentially get a shield that will take the impact of one bump as long as it’s not too bad, but some crashes will kill you instantly.

These levels are broken down into short missions, but each does feel so long because of its high-intensity. It can be played with either a controller or traditional mouse setup, but make sure you adjust the sensitivity before you play as you guide the ship with the mouse and it can be even more crazy if you don’t have the game suited to your style of control.
Visually, the game looks great. As long as you have a good system, it’ll run seamlessly without any slowdown. The detail of the mothership’s interior is impressive and while it’s perhaps basic in its design, it’s undoubtedly one of the more unique games out there.

The Verdict

The Collider 2 is madness, high-octane, high-intensity madness. One mistake will kill you, so remembering the layout of each corridor is crucial to your survival. It’d be nice to get this one on consoles too, especially with Sony’s own VR headset…but for now, The Collider 2 is a great PC game that you all need to try.

Score: 8.0