PC Review: Order of War: Challenge

Order of War gets a decent multiplayer game…

Order of War came out late last year and I reviewed it, giving it a score of 7.5, while it was good it lacked originality. Challenge is a stand-alone multiplayer that is free to download for those who already own the original, but will cost for those who just want to get it on its own. It’s odd that newcomers will have to pay £7.99 for this as those who already own Order of War get it for free; I expect most will just get the game so they don’t have to pay for Challenge.

Challenge contains 6 extended multiplayer modes, 12 maps, 4 co-op survival missions and allows you to play as the US, Germany and Soviet Union. All the basics of an RTS remain intact like fog of war, but adds a Capture the Base type of mode where 2 teams rush their units in to capture key points of the map, while building their forces. Air strikes can be ordered in, but gives the enemy a warning to evacuate just before it hits.

Those of you who do decide to get this stand-alone game, there are tutorials to teach you the basics of Order of War. The gameplay follows standard RTS rules, but the competitive nature of Challenge gives the game an extra edge and more replay value as a result. While it’s not something that’s entirely new to the genre, it does a good job in delivering an RTS experience that is worth taking a look at. You will need Steam to download Challenge, plus the demo if you wish to try before you buy.

What is impressive about Challenge is that you can have hundreds of units on one map and the framerate rarely dips, which is rare…especially considering that you are playing online, I came across little lag, but it all depends on your own connection. Visually, Challenge looks identical to Order of War but still looks fairly decent.

The Verdict

Order of War: Challenge adds some great new content to what was already a fairly good RTS. It may not set the world alight and newcomers may be dismayed they have to shell out cash for what is essentially a free add-on for existing owners of the original, but despite that…Challenge is a nice addition that will please fans of both the game and the genre.