Nintendo Switch Review: Miitopia

The 3DS RPG gets a Switch port, but is there more to it?

Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Now Mii characters based on your favorite people must unite to do turn-based battle and save Miitopia! Cast them in roles across the kingdom, manage friendships, and give them jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear, and a custom look. Then behold as awesomeness unfolds! Guide your team of Mii characters on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia. As you watch with bated breath, Mii characters will mingle over food, camping, exercise, sleeping arrangements, and yes, combat! In these wild, yet traditional RPG battles, your partys relationships affect the outcome. Enemies attack while you explore the world map, which is littered with hidden paths and treasures. Talk about a win-win!

I have to admit that the original Miitopia for 3DS passed me by, so I was glad to get a second chance when the Switch version was announced. For those sitting on the fence there’s a free demo to try before you buy, something Nintendo has being doing quite a bit lately with the likes of Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

The premise is simple, design your own Mii characters for your party and even the Dark Lord itself, which gives it a more personal feel while you come across classic RPG elements and traditional turn-based battles. It’s nothing that will reinvent the genre, but the game becomes a joy to play thanks to some great writing and humour throughout the experience. The Switch version adds a few extra elements that were missing in the 3DS game including a steed and new Mii customization options.

Based on what I’ve seen of the original, the Switch version is far from a lazy port and runs well while looking fairly decent overall. I didn’t come across any framerate hiccups or bugs, and I thought the presentation was strong throughout. It might be a little tough to convince those who bought the 3DS version to double-dip for the Switch version, but it’s hard not to recommend for those like me who missed out on it the first time round.

The Verdict

Miitopia is a whimsical and greatly customizable RPG that was a pleasure to go through. Like I said, if you aren’t sure if this is for you at least try the demo first. Personally I was surprised how much I got into it and I hope we get some sort of sequel or spiritual successor down the road.

Score: 8.0