Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Videos

Has Bioware finally redeemed itself?

Today, the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 finally came out. Below are the new endings:

Before that though, they did resolve a few things like how your squad-mates got on the Normandy and why Joker was retreating. Not only that, they added a new ending in which Shepard rejects the choices and lets the cycle continue. Who saw that coming? Needless to say that it doesn’t provide all the answers, like how Shepard is still alive if you pick the Destroy option and it doesn’t resolve the on-going debate of the Indoctrination Theory, yet it does make it a little harder to prove now.

The download is a whopping 1.85 GB and only continues cutscenes and new dialog options for the conversation with the Starchild. Why is the file so big for this? I personally haven’t got a clue since Dawnguard’s download is well less than 1GB and has hours and hours of gameplay.