Android Review: Ultimate Hangman HD

Ultimate Hangman? No, just normal Hangman.

Ultimate Hangman HD is the classic guessing game reborn on Android/iOS devices; I’m reviewing it on Android with my Samsung Galaxy S2. You get a set list of words to guess from different categories like verbs, adjectives, animals, countries, clothes, winter, kings, sports and food to name a few. You can also select 3 different themes for the game to play out. The original puts an animated hangman drawn onto the screen piece by piece, while the second puts it on like chalk on a chalkboard, while the 3rd is Christmas inspired and each time you choose a wrong letter, a snowman loses something.

There is a bit of a technical problem with the first theme, I’m tapping away at some letters and they aren’t being selected, while it works on the other themes so I know it’s not a case of my Smartphone being awkward. In terms of difficulty, the words really do get you thinking and it does save a lot on paper as you can set up custom words and play a friend taking turns.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s a nice package and it’s cheap. Hopefully they’ll patch the original theme as it’s my favourite looking one, but that aside it’s still basic hangman. I would have liked more categories like naming films, music, celebrities and so on but I suppose you can add them in yourself, I give it 3/5.