Feature: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Interview and More

The videos in this article were recorded just before the release of the game

Let’s face it; the PS3 hasn’t had a whole load of exclusives. That’s all about to change, with Ninja Gaiden Sigma taking the first steps to prove just how good the PS3 can be. Now I have a few treats for you, the first being a presentation video (split into 2 parts) for you below:

Presentation Video (Part 1)

Presentation Video (Part 2)

Now, the main addition to the game is that Rachel now is a playable character. Has her own missions, storyline which was why there was a babe dressed as her. A few pictures of her can be found below, one of them being quite close to yours truly…

If you’re a guy, of course you will be slightly jealous of that pic of me with Rachel 🙂 I would be as well, but now onto more pressing matters. Namely the interview of me with Yosuke Hayashi, Producer and Director and Mitsuru Tsutsumi, General Manager of Tecmo. Which you can find below:

The Interview

Hands-on Verdict
Sigma is full of new features that will more than please any Ninja Gaiden fan. For those of you who haven’t played the original, there’s a really tough game waiting for you. Personally I never finished the original, due to the fact I totally sucked at it. But when I get this version, I will definitely persevere and beat the game, even if it bloody well kills me! I would of course like to thank everyone for arranging the event.

As for the game itself, it just seems so much more improved than ever. It could very well be the first really good PS3 title since its launch, so if you’re looking for a game that will sustain you for a long time, this is shaping up to be it. Look for our full review around the time the game launches on June 29th in Europe.