Feature: Age of Conan Event Videos (Early Build)

This article was written almost a year before the final product

VG-Reloaded attended an event on Friday, which was all Age of Conan for PC. The game is an MMO like WoW but has many new improved features that could give it a run for its money. The biggest change to this formula is the combat, with WoW you’d just right-click and then select a bunch of icons to fight. With Age of Conan you actually fight with keyboard buttons so you time your attacks, and you also have to be facing your opponent for it to hit.

Of course there are spells and the like, which you’ll see some of in the videos. Now just a word to the wise, the build shown here is a few months old but the version we got to play was a much more improved one. Anyway enough talking for now, video time!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Now for some explanations regarding the quality of the videos. Well first of all Youtube has limitations for 10 minutes and 100mbs for each video. So when I first transferred the footage onto my PC, it was weighing in at 700mbs and 34 minutes. Not looking good! So obviously compression came into it, which is why it isnt looking as crisp. Sound seems ok, might be a bit pitchy at times but thats due to only having one camcorder with a small microphone. It’s worked well but is beginning to show its age.

As for after the game test, we got a quick chance to have a few Q+A’s with the guys but sadly no interview. However we did discover a few new details about the game. One of them being fighting while drinking booze. Apparently you can mix your drinks, get some crazy results or stick with lager, get stronger.etc In either case it sounds like a hell of a time. The team are obviously looking for an 18+ rating with the features of the game like decapitations, gore, prostitution. But of course if those were not in the game it wouldnt be Conan.

Age of Conan launches for PC in October.

Screenshot assets like artwork, character models.etc have now been added to the screenshot section of the site. Or if you’re just lazy, click here for renders and here for in-game screenshots.

It might take some time to load, so careful if you have a slow connection!