Dark Souls Reignites the PC vs. Console Debate

Video games have been a gold mine in the entertainment industry over the past few decades, grossing billions and topping the film, television and music industries in overall profits on a yearly basis. While this may be initially surprising, it makes sense when you really think about it. Video games are the combination of all forms of entertainment combined into a beautiful sensory symphony. They are their own universe; varying not only in types of games that you can play, but also how you play.

The rise of the console games have taken the video-game industry to a broader level. Microsoft Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been battling it out for the best home-entertainment console, while Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are carving out their own territories as video game systems that don’t even use controllers, but rather sense movement in front of them.

Return of PC Gaming

The PC video-game world is actually making its own comeback. High-end video games were originally developed for the PC, which is the favorite platform of serious RPG players today. The newest edition of “Dark Souls”, a game that became an instant cult hit in 2011, has come out and is preferred in the PC format, as opposed to the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. While one could argue this game is a one-hit wonder for the PC format, it does raise the question; Can PC make a comeback? Or perhaps more specifically, will the PC format always be needed in the video game universe?

PC Advantages

The advantages to PC systems is they generally have better graphics, allowing you to become more immersed in the game. A faster connection, a more powerful system and a high-end graphics card will dwarf even the best gaming console on the market. Not only can people with souped-up PCs play great RPG games, but they can also find the best online casino and make money for their video-game habit. In truth, the best online casino would really be a place where video-game addicts could bet on their favorite RPG and sports games. That’s not to say this won’t actually happen someday.

PC Downfalls

There are advantages and disadvantages to the PC format. The first is multiplayer. Most console games for the Xbox 360, Playstation and Wii systems have been developed with the communal multi-player setting in mind, as people like to get together and play video games against each other in the same room.

While you can play multi-player against someone on a PC system, it means you will have to set up two PC’s side by side, or know how to program it to allow you to your two or more controls on the same game. It also means you are playing off a computer monitor rather than a television in your living room. At least at this point, though the Android-powered Ouya gaming console is currently being developed, which will allow popular PC games to easily stream to your living-room television for the cost of a $99 piece of hardware.

In short, the PC gaming system is one that is not nearly as popular, but is a niche part of the industry that will probably never entirely go away. This is where you will find the video game purists who really love the art and complexity of high-end equipment