Xbox Series X/S Review: Ziggy

Should you get Ziggy with it?

Get ready for an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience with Ziggy, the newest 2D platform game! In the world of Ziggy, you’ll take control of a character full of energy and determination. Your mission? Overcome all obstacles by jumping with skill and agility. But that’s not all! Ziggy possesses a special ability that sets them apart from everyone else: the powerful Dash. Imagine yourself as a lightning bolt, zooming through the scenery at an impressive speed!

Ziggy is a 2D precision platformer where you play as a lightning bolt of the same name. The object is to reach the end of each stage but one hit will send you right back to the beginning, unless you reach checkpoints along the way. It’s very simple, but also brutal at times with some levels having you fighting against the wind or making you dash through very narrow gaps.

You will have earned every achievement in the game by the time you finish Level 20. That’s fine, but there are 10 extra levels after that there is no motivation for now other than simple completion. The problem is that the game can be very frustrating at times due to the difficulty and I can see some getting past Level 20, only to quit.

To be fair, that’s the only real criticism I have of the game. The platforming handles well and while its far from innovative, provides a decent challenge for platformer fans. It’s not on par with say, Super Meat Boy or anything, but does enough overall. The visuals are basic, but get the job done. The soundtrack is pretty good and the load times between stages are non-existent as you would imagine.

The Verdict

Ziggy may not be original, but it does offer up a challenging platformer that is tough, but fun to play, although most will be tempted to throw in the towel after Level 20, which is a shame since the last levels are brutal, but do offer some satisfaction upon completion.

Score: 6.0