Xbox Series X/S Review: Trifox

Should you try and save Trifox’s TV Remote?

In Trifox you play as a multitalented hero on a quest to restore his recently invaded and plundered home. Fight your way through swarms of enemies, engage in thrilling boss fights and overcome exciting environmental challenges as you discover that there is more to your quest than meets the eye… Mix and match between three different and unique playstyles. Experiment; combine and discover new ways of dealing with your foes!

Trifox feels like a combination between several platformers and action games. The hub world itself will give Crash Bandicoot fans something to smile about, while the game has plenty of hidden areas and puzzles to solve to nab collectibles. The jumping itself is a bit hit and miss but it does work for the most part, but the game is more combat-heavy than you would expect.

Throughout your journey, you will upgrade Trifox with new abilities that can be mixed for a varied combat style or one more focused on what you prefer. I will say that a mixture is probably best since the difficulty spikes can be overwhelming at times, which is not something I expected from this cutesy looking platformer. It’s a bit deceiving to say the least, but the variety of combat styles makes it so that there’s always a way forward.

The game is divided up into levels that can be accessed from the hub world and while the game isn’t particularly long, it’s definitely memorable even if it clearly takes inspiration from other famous games. The twin-stick controls work well for the most part and the main character is amusing enough to be a mascot like he is trying to be.

The visuals are nice to look at as well, with some great level design and a colourful art style. The framerate was mostly consistent, and the load times were short. The soundtrack is also fairly good with a classic platforming feel to it.

The Verdict

Trifox takes a lot of inspiration from the likes of Crash Bandicoot and other platformers, but it does manage to stand on its own with an amusing story, likeable character and mostly solid combat. The difficulty spikes may be a bit much for some, but if you can overcome them then you’ll find a platformer that is fun from beginning to end.

Score: 8.0