Xbox Series X/S Review: Lawn Mower Simulator – Dino Safari DLC

Can you mow the lawn in this dinosaur safari?

Dino Safari first opened its doors in 1994 to capitalise on the mainstream obsession with all things prehistoric and is proudly still going strong today. This beloved local location is one of the area’s premier tourist attractions, transporting kids and adults alike into a bygone time around its proud central volcano. There are four main zones containing eight dinosaurs whose grounds need maintaining… if you’re brave enough!

This is the second DLC for Lawn Mower Simulator and this includes 4 different areas for you to mow. These include the T-Rex Paddock, Cretaceous Canyon, Herbivore Valley and Raptor Enclosure. The description of these are a bit misleading though as they aren’t actual dinosaurs roaming about, but instead animatronic models that are essentially stuck to the ground. I know it wouldn’t have been practical to be chased by actual dinosaurs while trying to cut the grass, but it definitely would have been interesting to see…

The DLC costs £4 so you are essentially paying £1 for each zone and the content also comes with some extra achievements like hunting down a hidden valuable in each area and completing a contract for the content in the career mode. The new areas are a nice change to the standard lawns in the base game and even the Ancient Britain DLC, I just wonder what they can add next to make things really interesting…perhaps lawn mowing on a terraformed planet?

The Verdict

For the cost, the Dino Safari is good value for money. It adds new achievements and content that feels fresher than the base game, which is a plus. I just hope if they add new content that they may make it somewhere even more exciting…

Score: 7.5