Xbox Series X/S Review: Far Cry 6 – Jospeh: Collapse

The final Far Cry 6 DLC arrives…

Joseph: Collapse casts players as Far Cry 5 antagonist Joseph Seed in a roguelite adventure through Hope, Montana. This new story sees him fight back against his own inner demons and work towards confrontations with his family members, who also played villainous roles in the original game.

The final Far Cry 6 DLC puts you into the boots of cult leader Joseph Seed as we dive into his mind after the events of Far Cry 5. Collapse handles the same as the last two roguelite DLCs where you gather 3 objects and escape your mind while reliving your failures in life. Joseph Seed was definitely a unique character as even at his cruellest, he still felt what he was doing was just. Plus, he definitely knew about the Collapse itself which in the last DLC was revealed to be the work of Pagan Min, but more so the protagonist Ajay who must have fired the nukes at Montana since Pagan left them for him.

Returning to Hope, Montana is a great nostalgia trip as I loved Far Cry 5 so it was great to return to areas like the Hope County Jail or to see characters like Faith again. You get to see a more vulnerable Joseph Seed here, one that questions his mission and faith which I had not anticipated. He always seemed so confident and righteous, so to see him have doubts was an unexpected but welcome twist.

As with the past DLCs, you can play the game on higher difficulty levels to get the True Ending and while I wont spoil it for you, it’s a nice treat for fans. Collapse doesn’t differ from the design of the past DLCs, but it still works and works well.  Visually, the new area is well designed and detailed. Running at a solid framerate and no noticeable bugs, while delivering great voice-acting from the original cast from Far Cry 5/New Dawn.

The Verdict

While not deviating from the other Season Pass content, Collapse closes off the roguelite entries with a bang thanks to Joseph Seed. Looking back at all the DLC, I’d love to see the concept return for Far Cry 7, even if it’s literally just one area…

Score: 8.5