Xbox Series X/S Review: Dungeons of Sundaria

Is this dungeon crawler worth your time?

Dungeons of Sundaria is an action-packed RPG where Heroes adventure through epic dungeons facing fearsome creatures either solo or with a group of friends. Master your class, loot everything, and destroy the foul creatures of the deep.

Dungeons of Sundaria is a very old-school action RPG where you explore dungeons, collecting loot as you go and take on tough bosses through a variety of different environments. Some of these can take ages and when you think you’ve beaten the final boss, then a new area opens and you carry on for even longer. It’s probably best played with others but you can choose to play it solo if you wish.

As with most dungeon exploring games, you essentially push forward from area to area, taking out all the enemies you can as you go. These vary from all sorts of mythical/fantasy creatures as you can imagine, and some of them can be damn right brutal. Levelling up is incredibly slow, I spent a good hour on the first dungeon and only levelled up once, even after beating multiple bosses.

The good news is that if you die, you spawn near the nearest checkpoint and can carry on. Enemies will have respawned unless it’s a boss you’ve already defeated so chances are you can breeze through them and continue to where you previously perished. There’s a decent variety of classes and races to choose from as you would expect from a game like this and while it doesn’t offer anything in terms of originality, it gets the job done.

Combat itself can be hit and miss, it can sometimes feel a bit clunky and surviving one fight to the next is a mixture of skill and luck. Manoeuvring your character is also a bit fiddly and there’s no jump button, so certain sections that require you to drop down to lower platforms can be tricky and at times, even fatal as I discovered.

The visuals aren’t the greatest, but it does enough. There are a few performance issues such as framerate drops, random freezing and bugs like enemies being completely unaware of your presence, even after being hit or opening doors only to pass through them. Nothing too game-breaking, but still a little disappointing. The music is decent and the sound effects for enemies dying did make me chuckle on a few occasions.

The Verdict

Dungeons of Sundaria isn’t the best action RPG out there, but nor is it the worst. It has some good ideas and implements them well, but the clunky controls, glitches and performance issues hold it back from the competition.

Score: 6.5

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