Xbox Series X/S Review: Doctor Cat

Go ahead caller, I’m kitten-ing…

In Doctor Cat you will one day live in a society of cats! Step into the shoes of Doctor Cat, a renowned psychologist, and take care of cute patient cats by discovering their stories and helping them overcome their traumas. Complete jigsaws based on your patients’ stories to unlock each of their stories. Read stories based on real trauma and reflect on your learnings.

Doctor Cat is a compilation of jigsaws that you need to complete, with each opening up new dialogue for the doctor and his patients, which are also cats. The stories themselves are powerful and I applaud the efforts to bring them forward, even in a game like this.

There are 12 patients in all and each will fill you in more about their issues as you begin to fill the jigsaw, which is a nice touch. There are difficulty options as well as achievements that require you to beat the first level in less than 5 minutes and the second in less than 8 minutes. Other achievements include beating 3 levels on Hard and replaying several levels.

The whole experience should take you about an hour or so, which isn’t too bad for a psychological jigsaw collection that costs just over £4. There isn’t much to write about the visuals since the jigsaws are still images, but the artwork itself is cute.

The Verdict

Doctor Cat will only take you an hour or so to do. It’s a decent collection of jigsaws with interesting stories that make this worth the price.

Score: 6.0