Xbox One Review: The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

All Telltale’s finest in one package…

The Walking Dead was a series that really put the late-Telltale on the map with its player choices, story and characters. In the aftermath of Telltale’s shutdown, it was even uncertain if we’d get the final 2 episodes of The Final Season, potentially leaving fans with no closure to a series that they’ve been invested in for years.

But hope finds a way with developer Skybound picking up the final two episodes to publish, then picking up the rights to the series they developed from the start and so, we finally have every single episode all in one collection known as The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series. So, what does this collection offer besides the previous content?
Well, it offers Season 4’s “Graphic Black” art style to the past seasons, as well as enhancements to the visuals overall. It also has Behind the Scenes bonuses, a music player that contains 40+ tracks, an art gallery, 3D model viewer with voice-overs and a new 3D front end that includes the original menus and soundtracks from past seasons.

It also offers a new achievement list, but alas for only 1000g (or 1 Platinum if you are playing on PS4) which seems a bit stingy considering how long each season will take you to finish. This complaint aside, this is definitely good value for money with all the content thrown in for £40, which would normally cost way over £50 if you bought seasons individually.

The Verdict

Skybound have done a great job in combining all previous seasons with some added bonus features with an attractive price tag. It would have been really nice for them to give us 4000g/4 Platinums, but that aside it’s the best versions of what was an incredible series. Hopefully we’ll get something similar from them in the future.

Score: 8.5