Xbox One Review: The Council – Episode 4: Burning Bridges

What other twists await on Mortimer’s Island?

After the surprising twist that Lord Mortimer and Sir Gregory are Daemons, Louis had met his mother in the catacombs and attempted to enter a secret room by trying to solve a puzzle and putting his hand in a hole in the wall, if solved correctly then the door would open, but I failed and lost a hand in the process. The episode picks up immediately after and Louis’ mother opens the door if you failed.

Inside are a bunch of tombs and ancient weapons, one of which is apparently the spear that pierced Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. The spear is apparently the only item that can defeat the Daemons according to your mother and you agree to bring it to her on the docks, only to be confronted by Lord Mortimer as you are leaving. Surprisingly he is very open about his origins, but also reveals that Louis too is a Daemon, his mother is not his mother at all and Mortimer is actually Louis’ father. Got all that? Yeah, I was a bit overwhelmed myself…

After a quick chat about Daemons, Louis heads to the docks to confront his “mother” but is beaten to it by Emily Hillsborrow, who you can actually tell to just go ahead and shoot her without hearing her excuses or not. Afterwards, you go back to Mortimer and learn all about your own abilities as a Daemon, including reading minds and eventually even taking possession of others. You’ll get a chance to do so as you decide to either help Mortimer or Gregory with the upcoming vote that could shake up the whole Daemon family.

Speaking of family, it also turns out that Emily is your sister. Which is obviously very icky if you spent the night with her in past episodes, which I did. Suddenly, I felt like I was in Game of Thrones or something. I felt like saying “Hey Daddy Mortimer, could you have told me this sooner before I decided to bang my sister?” but alas that wasn’t really an option.

The episode revolves around which way the vote will go for the potential sale of Louisiana, which Gregory and the rest of the Daemons are opposed to, but Mortimer is fed up of the old ways and doesn’t have a great relationship with his father, who apparently was Jesus Christ himself. I can hear the heresy chants from here…

Overall the episode has dramatically shaken up the entire series and with one episode to go, I honestly don’t know where it could all end. Performance-wise, the episode is improved over the random framerate drops of Episode 3 and voice-sync issues, but they are still a bit over the place. Voice-acting is decent and the soundtrack is also impressive.

The Verdict

The penultimate episode of The Council sets up the stage for an epic conclusion, while also dramatically shaking up the series so far and making you question your decisions to this point. Roll on Episode 5!

Score: 8.5