Xbox One Review: State of Mind

Is there more than meets the eye with this cyberpunk mystery?

When mind and machine become one – what will remain of humanity? State of Mind is a futuristic thriller game delving into transhumanism. The game explores a world torn between a dystopian material reality and a utopian virtual future.

State of Mind is a cyberpunk adventure with two protagonists trying to find the truth about their families. The game has a great art style with low polygon characters and environment, but still having amazing animation and running at a smooth framerate. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but I personally loved the art style and it worked very well with the story.

The story itself is a bit of hit and miss, but it does enough to get you to the end. State of Mind has a number of puzzles to conquer and characters to talk to, which is essentially the entire gameplay described. That’s not a bad thing though and it works for what the game is, a story-based puzzler set in cyberpunk territory, which works for me. There are some audio issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick patch.

The game shouldn’t take you too long to finish, but it does have a good number of memorable moments that will stay with you for quite some time. The puzzles are nicely varied and will definitely keep you occupied.

The Verdict

State of Mind is a great cyberpunk adventure/mystery. It has a fairly good story, characters and puzzles that will keep you busy. It may not be the longest game out there, but it’s more than memorable thanks to it’s art style and cyberpunk theme.

Score: 8.5