Xbox One Review: Mantis Burn Racing – Battle Cars DLC

Choose your weapons…

I never actually played the original Mantis Burn Racing until the release of this DLC pack, but I did give it a go since and found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable racer. If you missed out on it beforehand, now is the time to get into it…

The game is a top-down racer much like Micro Machines and the like, it has that classic arcade feel to it…but now weapons have been added to the mix in this DLC “Battle Cars”. It comes with a career mode dedicated to the new content, which pits the ultimate challenge of not you can actually reach the finish line or not. Well, it turns out that you can as you respawn after being blown up with mines or machine gun fire.

The career mode or other competitive matches contain 3 battle modes to get your teeth into, plus you can play 4-player split-screen if you have enough controllers for that classic living room competitive feel that is so rare these days. All in all, the Battle Cars DLC is a great addition to what was already an addictive racer. With an update to make the game Xbox One X Enhanced on its way, it seems that there’s no slowing down for this one.

The Verdict

The Battle Cars DLC for Mantis Burn Racing is a great way to expand the game’s lifespan and it’s great value for quite a fair bit of content. Like I said at the start of this review, now is the time to get into it if you missed out on it beforehand, but also it’s worth diving back into if you already own it.

Score: 8.5