Xbox One Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Can this RPG possibly tackle the likes of Skyrim?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world RPG, but one that is historically accurate…something that is rare and while this is game is ambitious, can it possibly compete with the great open world RPGs out there?

First of all, I cannot recommend playing this game on Xbox One X enough if you have a 4K TV. It looks stunning and is easily the best looking game for the system so far, it has an impressive engine and one that will no doubt be a benchmark for other games down the line. The character models are nicely detailed and the scale of the game is impressive, though the voice-acting is extensive and sometimes hit and miss, but as with other RPGs you can skip through the dialogue if you wish.

Combat is slightly different with Kingdom Come than with other RPGs and will take a while to get used to, but it is a great new way to fight and I applaud Warhorse for taking a risk here as it will divide players, but it’s a unique way of combat and one that is well worth a go. The scale of the game is pretty big with tons of side-quests, mini-games and obviously the main questline, it will take a considerable amount of time to see and do everything that Kingdom Come has to offer.

Despite a few patches since launch, including a huge Day 1 patch…a few bugs remain that hold the game back a bit, but buggy moments in open world RPGs are common place…I mean, can anyone remember the dragons flying backwards in Skyrim after a patch? I’m sure that they’ll all be fixed in due course and while some are frustrating, I haven’t come across any that have made me throw the controller down, declaring no more.

The Verdict

While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel of open world RPGs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is highly ambitious and will please fans of the genre. Combat will split fans, but personally I think it’s a nice change and while it’s still a little buggy in places, it’s not so bad that you’ll give up on this epic RPG.

Score: 9.0