Xbox One Review: Just Cause 3 – Sky Fortress

Is it worth returning to Medici?

The Sky Fortress DLC for Just Cause 3 is sold separately or it comes with the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass. Included is a jet-pack for Rico, along with 3 new missions, a few new weapons and a few extra locations, but is it worth purchasing?

Story-wise, Sky Fortress is on the average side…so don’t go expecting the DLC to wow you in that area, however it does raise the stakes in terms of destruction potential. It probably won’t last you more than a few hours, but the jet-pack and weapons will carry over to the main game after…so it’s probably worth investing in if you haven’t already played the main game to death, I found the jet-pack a lot easier to get around Medici.
The missions themselves are on the short side and plot-wise they are mixed. Sky Fortress is hardly the best DLC out there, but hopefully it’s just one of many great additions to come to Just Cause 3, although I’m still holding out for shorter load times…which are still insanely long. There are 2 more add-ons planned as part of the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass…which I hope top Sky Fortress in terms of content.

The new toys you are given are great though and I’d hate to give them back, it just wouldn’t feel right now…which I suppose is part of the appeal of the DLC. It may be weak in terms of story and mission design, but it does provide some great new gadgets to help you in the main game…which I personally really enjoy, despite it’s performance issues.

The Verdict

Sky Fortress isn’t long or memorable, but it does bring some killer tools to Rico’s arsenal…making Medici an even better place to visit.

Score: 7.5