Xbox One Review: Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront returns, but can it make up for the original’s flaws?

Don’t get me wrong, there were parts of the original Homefront that I really enjoyed. The campaign had some decent moments, while the multiplayer had some great ideas and I found addictive at the time…but both elements had their issues…then there’s been the whole THQ saga before Deep Silver picked up the license and decided to try their hand at a sequel. I was honestly surprised that they’d want to attempt such a task after the mixed feelings from the original, but it was admirable that they’d try and right the wrongs of it.
But of course, things don’t always go to plan. Homefront: The Revolution has been in somewhat of a developer hell during it’s time in the making, even the developers at Dambuster Studios acknowledge what a challenge it has been to even bring the game out, even putting in a message at the end of the game for those who might feel let down by the experience.
That’s not to say that Homefront: The Revolution is a bad game, but you can see that the time in limbo and other factors has had an impact on the overall product. The main campaign has some brilliant ideas, a decent plot and doesn’t look to bad either, but it can be glitchy and ultimately forgettable. Multiplayer was a big focus of the original that sadly didn’t make it over to the sequel, instead what we get is a co-op experience against AI soldiers through story-based objectives. It’s a nice addition, but I would have really liked multiplayer to turn up here.

The Verdict

Homefront: The Revolution is one of those unfortunate games that has spent a long time in development hell, having a negative impact on the final game. It is glitchy, but it does offer a lot of fun moments…but none of them last for particularly long. Dambuster have given it a good go, but I think with a bit more time or even a “back to the drawing board” approach, this could have been so much more.

Score: 6.5