Xbox One Review: Gravity Chase

More than just F-Zero?

Welcome to the futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer with a twist. Gravity Chase racing competition takes place on tunnel tracks for super-fast 360-degree Zero G racing.

Gravity Chase is your typical anti-grav racer like F-Zero with fast vehicles and crazy tracks that has a classic arcade feel to it, but is there more to it than that?

The good news is that the game handles well and it can be difficult at high speeds, something that anti-grav racers are famous for. Vehicles can also be upgraded to improve handling and so on, but you’ll need to replay tracks a number of times to unlock new tracks to race on and it ultimately becomes a grind to unlock the basics.

It’s a shame because while the track designs are decent, they do all feel samey and having to grind to unlock other similar tracks is less fun than it sounds. Also, the lack of online multiplayer is a real kick in the teeth, instead all we have is up to 4 player split-screen support. On the plus side, there are different modes to attempt on each track including standard Arcade, Combat which gives you weapons and Eliminator which knocks out the racer in last till only 1 remains.

In terms of visuals, Gravity Chase does a good job in giving off F-Zero vibes with its vibrant colours and neon lights. The framerate is consistent throughout and I didn’t experience any type of bugs across the course of the game. The soundtrack is also pretty impressive, I won’t deny it. The good news for Achievement Hunters is that it won’t take too long to unlock everything, I personally did it in 2-3 hours but this could vary.

The Verdict

Gravity Chase has the look and feel of an F-Zero game, but its lacking in its design. The grinding nature of unlocking tracks goes against it and ultimately it would have been more enjoyable to just have tournaments or Free Play instead. The lack of online multiplayer also really hurts the overall package, making it harder to come back once you’ve unlocked everything.

Score: 6.5