Xbox One Review: Furi

Fast and the Furi-ous…

Furi is one hell of a strange game. It’s a fast paced hack-n-slash in which you are pitted against tough bosses with a lot of randomness thrown in. Your enemies will taunt you before you even start fighting them, as well as during the fight itself.
Furi is incredibly difficult, it will have you kicking and screaming as you try and overcome the bosses…but you will feel such a sense of relief when you finally do defeat them. The story is fairly thin as you are tasked with escaping from wherever you are, only to find yourself having to beat more opponents to do so…and there’s a creepy rabbit man who tells you about your opponents before the fights, who clearly has taken inspiration from the film, Donnie Darko.
It’s not the most visually challenging of titles, but it does have a nice art style to it and it does run at a solid framerate. It handles well, so you can’t blame the game for dying…it just comes down to persevering and learning what works best. The bosses themselves are well thought out and creepy in their own way too, learning their weaknesses will take time…but it will feel worth it when you succeed.

The Verdict

Furi is a quirky and challenging game that won’t appeal to everyone, but it will have an audience…I have no doubt about that. It’s difficult and will frustrate, but it’s worth a go just to see if you can beat just one of those smug bosses.

Score: 7.5