Xbox One Review: Family Feud

Should you feud with your family once again?

Being from the UK, our version of Family Feud is called Family Fortunes and it’s been through different presenters and hasn’t always been on consistently like it has the U.S, in fact it’s only just had a revival on UK TV. This aside, I’m familiar with the gameshow concept and have grown up playing the UK version whenever it was on TV.

So, to get the chance to take it for a spin in an actual videogame was something I had high hopes for, but were they met? While it doesn’t exactly scream high productions values, it functions like you would expect and even lets you type in your answer or use button shortcuts as the game guesses what you are trying to answer, which helps when you are against the clock…especially in the final round.

The game consists of playing against the AI with specific difficulties or with friends in offline co-op, you can also play against random people or friends online as well. The questions are all very random and the answers are more tailored for the American crowd, so you need to think like an American would if you want to get some of the tougher top answers.

If there’s a criticism to be had, its that I wish I could skip the awful intro every time with presenter “Lucky McCoy” and his dreadful dancing and his one-liners. There’s also a few bizarre questions like “What do kids like to count on their grandpa’s face?” which had me and my partner baffled.

The Verdict

Family Feud functions as a faithful adaptation of the TV show and it works well, especially with others. It’s not the most exciting game out there, but it is fun to work together or against each other to find those elusive answers. Definitely one for families over the holidays.

Score: 8.0