Xbox One Review: de Blob

Can the Wii classic tickle us pink on today’s consoles?

The original de Blob was a classic for both the Wii and for platforming in general, you play as the character of the same name who has to restore colour to his city after it was all sapped out from the evil INKT Corporation. The sequel landed on the PS3 and 360, but the original only now has made the leap to the PS4/Xbox One, I wonder if this is a case of testing the waters for a remake of the sequel as well?

Each level of the game gives de Blob a time limit to reach the end, this can be extended by completing side-missions such as colouring all the buildings in the area a certain colour and so on, while there are bonuses for colouring in everything and rescuing your friends who are in hiding from INKT. The controls will take some getting used to, de Blob is fast to move around and controlling him while he jumps is a bit tricky but not impossible.

Besides colouring in everything and finding collectables, as well as completing side-missions…there are extra stages to be played for each stage that are shorter and more puzzle-varied as you try and solve them quickly. You can also free roam past levels without a time limit if you want to redo those at a more leisurely pace.

My main issue with de Blob is that it doesn’t appear to have received much in terms of visual enhancements, I know it definitely hasn’t received any 4K support and looking at it, it’s hard to say what resolution it’s at. It’s still a nice looking game and runs at a solid framerate, but it would have been nice for it to have had some upgrades visually from the original Wii game.

The Verdict
de Blob is still an amazing and addictive game and hopefully this will lead to the sequel getting the remaster treatment…if it does however, I hope they upgrade the visuals for us now in the 4K era, or even those still on 1080p sets.

Score: 8.0