Xbox 360 Review: Truth or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught

I really like this game, but am I telling the truth or a lie?

Truth or Lies is an odd game. It tries to be a game where you try and tell the truth through rounds of questions using a microphone to record your answers, then the game tells you if you are being truthful or deceitful. Sounds fine, right? No, I didn’t think so either…

The game only has 2 modes, one where you and up to 8 friends can answer predetermined questions or Hot Seat where your friends will ask you questions and then you answer them. This would be fine if the technology worked, but it just doesn’t. It seems entirely random whether the game decides you are being honest or not, I don’t know why this is the case, but why would they make a game that is basically a lie detector that doesn’t work? At least use the tech from something like Jeremy Kyle to get close to 96% instead of 50%!

The main questions are very odd too, you pick a category that is best suited to your friends. So I picked the adult questions and while you got some quite funny ones like what would you do if you found out your uncle was a racist, or if you found out that your best friend used to be a different gender. But then you get odd ones that don’t fit in the category as well as you would imagine. You can calibrate the microphone to your voice, but its only optional…which I find rather odd for a game like this.

The Verdict

The game is quite cheap and has incredibly easy achievements, I got over 600 points just from one session. But it’s best as a rental for achievement collectors, and that’s only if you are in absolute desperate need of points…otherwise, avoid.