Xbox 360 Review: Titanfall

Can the 360 bring you the true Titanfall experience?

Some were stunned that the 360 version of Titanfall was in development, then delays pushed it back and they assumed the worst, that it just wasn’t up to scratch. Bluepoint Games, more famous for their HD collection of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker was given the helm of the project and with their good track record, you’d expect something quite special. Sadly, Microsoft didn’t put the faith in them as they didn’t bring this version to Games on Demand, stating they don’t think it provides the true Titanfall experience. Now, was Microsoft right to do so or did they miss the boat on this one?
Having played both versions, I can say that the 360 version is just as good as the Xbox One version. Sure it doesn’t look as good, texture popping is frequent and load times seem longer, but the overall game feels the same. It has the same modes, same weapons, and the same functionality. The only real difference is obviously the weaker graphics, but they aren’t that bad and for those who can’t get a hold of the Xbox One yet, it’s a nice alternative.
The game is capable of 6v6 (same as Xbox One) which I know doesn’t seem that much compared to the likes of Battlefield, but it’d become an overcrowded warzone with more. There’s a neat balance here with its modes including Last Titan Standing where everyone is in Titans and has one life, CTF, Attrition is standard Team Deathmatch but bot kills count and the more kills you get, the quicker you can deploy your Titan. Pilot Hunter is like Attrition but only counts player kills while Hardcore Domination is the capture/defend mode of the game. Titanfall comes with 15 maps and plenty of customisation options for your player, overall it’s a neat package and I’m sure there’s much more to come in the future.

The Verdict

Personally, I think Microsoft have missed out by not backing Bluepoint with this 360 version of Titanfall. It’s a great shooter on either platform and I think the delays have paid off since the game has all the same features as it’s next gen counterpart. Sure, stick with the Xbox One version if you have it…but if you are a while off getting the system, then the 360 version is the way to go.