Xbox 360 Review: Lost in Nightmares (Resident Evil 5)

A flashback mission for RE5? Count me in…

Lost in Nightmares is the first of two downloadable episodes for Resident Evil 5. In it, you play through the Spencer estate as Chris and Jill hunting for the creator of Umbrella, and we all know the end result thanks to the flashbacks in the main game. However, Lost in Nightmares builds up to that climax with a return to the old Resi style of gaming. The mansion looks ripped straight from the very original Resident Evil and makes me wonder just why they haven’t remade Resi 1 again and use the Resi 5 engine…it needs to be done.

Classic Resi puzzles also reappear through the mansion which includes playing Moonlight Sonata on a piano to open a door, finding cranks and emblems…the usual stuff. It’s kinda odd that the mansion section doesn’t host a single enemy until you get down to the catacombs and even then, it’s only one main type. Ammo is also scarce and you don’t have access to all your lovely RE5 weapons, so you’ll have to hunt down what you can find. It does make the game more challenging, especially on Professional.

You can play the episode through co-op, but solo is just fine as the AI seems to be a bit smarter and not dumb like Sheva was. Lost in Nightmares takes about an hour or so to complete, but has achievements for things like shooting all hidden emblems and completing it on Professional which will obviously increase the completion time. This DLC also allows you to unlock two new characters in the all-new The Mercenaries Reunion. Play as one of the unsung heroes of the original Resident Evil, Barry Burton, or step into the designer-made high heels of one of Resi’s newest villains, Excella Gionne. There are also additional figures available in Extra Figures to round out this action-packed package.

The Verdict

As a whole, the package is solid and more than worth 400 MS points. It is a bargain for what is on offer. Lost in Nightmares feels nostalgic of the original Resident Evil which was lacking from Resi 5 and shows there is still room for that type of survival horror game. I think it’s about time that Resident Evil went back to its roots and Lost in Nightmares is a good first step.