Xbox 360 Review: Forza Motorsport 3

Can Forza take the racing crown? You betcha!

Forza Motorsport 3 could possibly be the greatest racing game of all time. That’s not something easily accomplished…sure Gran Turismo is the granddaddy of racing games, but Forza 3 has perfected the formula to a level where even Sony’s favourite racer might not be able to compete. The game comes with 2 discs, one with the main game and the other with additional content to download to your HDD straight away. It’s a testament to how much content is available since they couldn’t fit it all on one disc.
The great thing about Forza 3 is that anyone can play it. I’ve never been that good on racing simulators, but Forza 3 handles that well that it’s accessible to all. The game has assists that make things easy for newcomers while turning them off and increasing the difficulty makes it more realistic and challenging for those who want it. Forza 3 has so many features that it’s almost impossible to go into detail about all of them. My favourite thing has to be the rewind feature…sure it’s not the newest thing to the genre, but it works really well and saves you from constantly restarting a race because you messed up on a corner or crashed into a wall.

Fans of cars can even tune their vehicles to suit them, it’s quite a confusing feature…but for those who know how to tune cars, they will love it. There’s a wide range of different cars to drive and plenty of perspectives to drive from. In total there are more than 400 cars, the full list can be found on Forza 3’s website here. There’s also free DLC launching on the day of release.Its scale is enormous and dwarves any other contender on the market so far.

The career starts you out with one car and as you progress you level your status and get money to buy other cars. The good news is that they are all unlocked from the get go, but you do still need to buy them and they can be quite costly…but with a few races under your belt you can probably afford a decent number of them. Turn 10 doesn’t expect you to drive every track or race every car; they just expect you to have a good time with Forza 3 which is something I can personally guarantee.
I was a bit cynical when I heard that Forza 3 could be played by anyone, but I was wrong. It’s the only racing sim that I’ve come across which anyone can play, no matter how skilled they are. I’ve always sucked at racing sims, but managed to do quite well in this version of Forza. Wherever you are young or old, Forza 3 can be handled easily. I did manage to test the game out with the official steering wheel and brakes, but personally preferred the controller setup. The steering wheel feels realistic and it’s accurate enough with the game…it works well either way.

Customisation was a huge part of Forza 2 and the sequel steps it up a notch with more options and features to share with friends, I won’t spoil all of it for you…but you will like what they offer. Forza 3 runs at 60fps and is incredibly smooth. It looks crisp, well detailed and just beautiful. Cars are simply stunning to look at and the tracks themselves are just jaw-dropping. The physics engine is also amazing, damage looks authentic. In terms of sound, Forza 3 is great…especially with surround sound speakers. It’s hard to fault, really.

The Verdict

Forza Motorsport 3 takes the crown as the best racing simulator to date. Gran Turismo 5 really has its work cut out if it hopes to steal the crown back. Forza 3 is the combination of all the best aspects of racing and vehicles, resulting in it being a must-have title for any fan.



  1. I love how the PS3 fanboys won’t allow Forza 3 to have the “crown” because the “wait and see” syndrome is so strong with them.

  2. In my opion, and i know i’m going to be attacked for saying it, the Forza series have taken over from Grand Turismo right from Forza 1.

    I own all the consoles & i was a GT fanatic, the graphics in GT games have always been stunning & there’s always been a ton of content too but in terms of gameplay the same old problems have never been addressed.

    The computer AI has always been something that needed fixing, the car physics are poor in comparrison to games like Forza & to date Polyphony Digital have resisted doing damage modeling with exaggerated claims that the manufacturers would not let them do it.

    I understand that in GT5 they have compromised & are going to have some minimal damage to a limited sellection of the cars but it strike me as being an afterthought & may well be too little too late.

    There’s no doubt Polyphony Digital make beautiful looking games but Forza has always been ahead when it comes to a fun & realistic racing experience, Polyphony need to work harder on these issues if they are going to regain their crown, they may not see Turn 10 as direct competition since they are both exclusive to different console but i’m sure there are many like me who have both consoles.

  3. The game comes as a surprise, dressed in the traditional green box to a home. But even when you open the manufacturer shall keep at hand the first surprise, two DVD’s are stacked horizontally in the plastic packaging. So, look to the original console, and off you go. Well, not quite. After the load sequence is over, one is prompted by an, albeit male, very sympathetic voice, insert the second DVD. Then something is clear: it is now also time to start the console, where games need to be installed…
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  4. Forza Motorsport 3 includes a large variety of Xbox Live content and options available to online gamers. This is be based around a completely redesigned “storefront” that has been introduced for Forza Motorsport 3. This allows gamers to create car designs, setup files, logos and sell them via the “storefront” to other gamers. Further flexibility will be available allowing gamers to select how many of each car design or logo will be available to give exclusivity to certain cars if a user decides. The storefront feature is not available to Xbox Live Silver gamers.
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