Xbox 360 Review: Fallout 3 – The Pitt

Dare you enter The Pitt?

Operation Anchorage felt like a bit of a departure from Fallout 3. It turned the game into more of a shooter, which isn’t its strongest point but still managed to be an enjoyable, although brief piece of downloadable content.
The Pitt is a much better addition; it adds a whole new area which is huge. It’s just a shame that the main quest in the DLC can be completed very quickly, but if you want all the achievements in the new content…you’ll have to hunt down 100 silver ingots which are hidden all over the place. It took me hours to find the buggers, but luckily there are guides out there already.

The Pitt did have its fair share of problems at launch, During the upload to Xbox Live the file became corrupted, which is what caused the issues and this was immediately replaced with a working version as soon as this became apparent. Luckily, when it was re-released all these problems disappeared and fans got the new content they’ve been looking forward to. I must say, I really like the story of The Pitt. The area is literally a place for slaves and mutated people called Trogs, you must become a slave yourself and try and find the cure that the leader is hiding.

It’s not all what it seems, there are a few difficult decisions to be made and sure enough, multiple ways to do it…providing you save beforehand. I won’t give away too much of the story, but if you are the unlucky PS3 owner then you can always find out about it via Fallout Wiki. As far as DLC goes, The Pitt does many things right, but for 800 Microsoft Points…you might feel short-changed as you can complete it in little under an hour (if you don’t go on the ingot hunt).
Fans will be pleased with the number of new items that The Pitt delivers. New armor and some brilliant weapons such as The Mauler which is like a melee weapon with rotating blades, it does upgrade to more powerful versions as you collect Ingots, so there’s another reason for gathering the damn things.

Character models still look fairly impressive and the framerate stands well for the most part. Voice-acting is brilliant, but I did notice a few bugs while playing. There’s a full list of them on the Fallout Wiki page, but it doesn’t seem to apply to everyone. It seems everyone’s having a collection of different bugs, which is just weird.

The Verdict

The Pitt is the best DLC for Fallout 3 to date. Sure, Operation Anchorage wasn’t that great…but The Pitt steps it up a notch with a great setting and a good story, it’s just a shame it doesn’t last that long. Let’s hope the next piece of content is a bit longer…