Xbox 360 Review: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Dragonborn

The Dragonborn Comes?

Skyrim was one of my most played games of 2011 but I always felt there was more to the Dragonborn story to be told, luckily Bethesda have noticed this and released a new expansion DLC called…you guessed it! “Dragonborn” which follows your character as you travel to Solstheim of Morrowind fame and to find out why you were attacked by cultists. The plot involves another Dragonborn who has gone rogue under the influence of one of the Daedra lords and his desire to return to Solstheim to raise havoc.
You’ll come across Morrowind locations like Raven Rock, Fort Frostmoth and a Nord village for the Skaal. New enemies include ash creatures and Cthulu-like types, Solstheim is well designed and has plenty to do with side-quests, finding new Dragon Shouts and so on, but the real star has to be when you read a Black Book and your mind is teleported to the Daedra world full of trippy designs and great moments.

You will eventually gain the power to tame and ride dragons towards the end of the main quest line, but the controls for the dragon aren’t exactly brilliant, which is a shame. It definitely needs some work, but luckily its not something that really needs to be done apart from one area before the finale. You can get through the content within 5-6 hours, maybe shorter if you just do the main quest and for the price tag you might think it’s not worth it, but you’d be wrong.
There are some truly memorable moments in this DLC, I won’t spoil them for you but highly recommend that you play the DLC to find them. Visually it’s superb and its really makes the game shine more so than ever, there are the odd technical problems and I did get caught in a gap in a staircase and was forced to reload a save to get out of it…thanks Draugr Deathlords! The voice-acting is brilliant, especially that of a certain Daedra lord who reprises his role.

The Verdict

Dragonborn is the best Skyrim DLC to date, the main quest is great from start to finish and there are a good number of side-quests, new Dragon Shouts and areas to explore. It might be a bit pricey for some for what it offers, but believe me when I say it’s worth every penny this holiday.