Xbox 360 Review: Bioshock 2 Protector Trials

Protect the Little Sister, again…

When I first heard that 2K were bringing out more DLC for Bioshock 2, I was sceptical. I was more sceptical when I heard they were going to be trials based on protecting the Little Sisters while they gather ADAM. During my time with the single player campaign, I only gathered ADAM with the Little Sister once or twice to earn achievements and that was it.

The Protector Trials are a collection of 6 trials with 3 different varieties for each one (plus some bonus trials that unlock when you are done). In each trial you are only given a limited number of weapons, plasmids and boosts to tackle the splicers as you protect the Little Sister. It’s best to look around the map and plan your strategy before you put the Little Sister down, which can come handy when you can place traps all over to give the splicers a tough time. The early trials are fairly easy, but later ones really get you thinking and one even takes away ALL your weapons, leaving you only with plasmids and a very small health bar, but a big EVE bar.

The trials are well designed and I actually enjoyed them, but I think it would have been better if they added 2 player co-op play for some of the trials, so those who struggle could get a helping hand. The DLC is good because it makes you use combinations of weapons and plasmids that you wouldn’t normally use against splicers.

The Verdict

For 400 Microsoft Points, it’s a pretty good deal with a number of unlockables (such as a sneak peak at the Minerva’s Den DLC) and new achievements that top the total to 1250. If you want to extend your Bioshock 2 play that bit more, then this isn’t a bad way to do it until Minerva’s Den arrives.