Xbox 360 Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Can the Bad Company give MW2 a run for its money?

With Modern Warfare 2 almost engulfing the FPS market, it seems a difficult task for any other game to come along and steal its thunder. The original Bad Company was decent but lacked a certain spark, but can the sequel push the boundaries? Bad Company 2 is an impressive game with an addictive multiplayer, but the single player is a bit on the short side and the story isn’t up to much. The campaign itself is good, but doesn’t really prepare you for multiplayer, which is the main focus of the sequel.

Multiplayer is split into 4 modes and there are 4 different character classes, add in a levelling system for perks; 6 maps and you have a multiplayer that is both simple and fun. You also get a DLC code for 2 extra maps, but if you buy the game pre-owned then you will have to pay for them. Weapons are varied and pack a substantial punch against your enemies. It’s impressive to see 24 players on a big map without any sacrifice to framerate.

The maps themselves are fairly decent and you will enjoy battling it out across them, I just wish there were more game modes than just the 4 that are included with the game. I imagine that more will be added as DLC, but it would have been best to have it when the game launches.

There’s a great emphasis on vehicles like tanks, helicopters and ATVs (in total, there are 15 different ones to choose from) which changes the gameplay from a standard FPS to one that has a bit of extra firepower. The AI squad that follows you around during the campaign don’t really do a lot and will leave much all of the killing to you. It’s a shame that there’s no co-op for the campaign, but then again I hear that you can play the entire game on Easy and then just play the last level on Hard for the “It sucks to be right.” achievement.

On a technical level, Bad Company 2 is outstanding with its ability to hold up while you and other players destroy buildings around you. It does come at a cost to the visuals such as screen tearing during cutscenes and textures popping up during gameplay and character models are a mixed bag. Voice-acting is decent, despite a mediocre story. Sound effects are amazing and sound authentic, music is minimal but what is there is good.

The Verdict

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 improves upon the original in every conceivable way, but it’s not perfect. The campaign is short and forgettable, while the multiplayer is restricted by only a few game modes. On the other hand, it’s impressive on a technical level and serves as a great follow-up to those who have played MW2 to death and are looking for a new fix of action.

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