XBLA Review: Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures

Wallace and Gromit’s final 3 adventures land on XBLA…

Before I begin, you should probably check out the following links:

https://www.vg-reloaded.com/?p=2042 Episode One (PC)

https://www.vg-reloaded.com/?p=2412 Episode One (XBLA)

https://www.vg-reloaded.com/?p=2293 Episode Two (PC)

https://www.vg-reloaded.com/?p=2643 Episode Three (PC)

https://www.vg-reloaded.com/?p=2910 Episode Four (PC)

Done? Now if you went through all that, you will tell that I had a jolly time with the first (hopefully of many) seasons of Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures. While the XBLA versions handle exactly like that of its PC counterparts, they do offer achievements which make you do things you wouldn’t do in the standard versions.
They may be quite easy games to breeze through, but there are hidden things in each episode that only devoted fans and achievement whores will locate. Others will simply overlook the fact that there’s a hidden cheese on each instalment or that there are relics from Wallace and Gromit’s films in each episode like a bag of bread from A Matter of Loaf and Death. The only complaint I can possibly see with the games coming to XBLA is the way it has been packaged.

The first episode came out on XBLA all the way back in June and fans have had to wait all the way till November for the other 3. Also, the games are sold individually for a price of 800 MS Points a piece…so the series isn’t cheap considering Telltale’s Sam and Max offerings for XBLA which complied them all into one neat game for a decent price tag. Some might quibble about the price considering the length of the episodes, but I personally think it is worth it due to the hilarious nature of each episode.
The first episode suffered from a few visual and audio bugs, but I only came across 1 in the other 3 episodes. The controls can be a bit stiff at times and it can be quite awkward trying to select the right items for use with another selection, but if you can look past that…you’ll be just fine.

The Verdict

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures for XBLA is a great series and each episode is worthy of the 800 MS Points price tag. It may seem a lot, but trust me…it really is worth it. These episodes were made for the fans of the double-act and I only hope we see more of them in the future.