PS3 Review: Singstar Take That

Take That fans will rejoice, but what about everyone else?

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny the popularity of Take That. I personally am not a fan of the group so I found it a little hard to enjoy this iteration of SingStar, but will fans enjoy the line-up of songs?
Before we get to it, here is the full track list for the PS3 version:

1. A Million Love Songs
2. Babe
3. Back For Good
4. Beautiful World
5. Could It Be Magic
6. Do What U Like
7. Everything Changes
8. Greatest Day
9. Hold Up A Light
10. I’d Wait For Life
11. It Only Takes A Minute
12. Love Ain’t Here Anymore
13. Never Forget
14. Once You’ve Tasted Love
15. Patience
16. Pray
17. Promises
18. Reach Out
19. Relight My Fire
20. Rule The World
21. Said It All
22. Shine
23. Sure
24. Up All Night
25. Why Can’t I Wake Up With You

As with every other band-devoted version of the game, the core gameplay remains unchanged. You can battle it out with another player at home or online, practise and take on each song in solo mode. There’s no real career mode to speak of which I think the game could do with by now. Instead it gives you free roam to sing any of the songs and pick any difficulty you like, so you can be awful and still get a good score if you choose easy. It’s quite accurate on the harder difficulties, so be warned if you are actually deluded and think you are a good singer when you are bad, the game will bring the horrible truth home and the dream of going on X Factor dies with that performance.
Despite not being a fan of Take That, I did enjoy this version of Singstar. The problem I have is that I can’t imagine many men buying it…this is really one for the ladies. At least with the likes of Queen and Motown there were some great songs that guys would like, but I can’t see that being the case with this version other than an excuse to impress the missus.

Videos are still in standard definition and can look quite old and grainy, but some of these videos are really old…so it’s no surprise that they look dated by today’s standards. Ladies will be disappointed to find that the video for Do What U Like has been censored, so no naked arses there…which was a relief to me, but I’m sure it’ll be a sore point for the female crowd looking for some Take That flesh.

The Verdict

With each specialised version of Singstar comes a mixed response as each version wont appeal to all. There are a lot of Take That fans, so I expect the game to sell well…just not so much with the more masculine types…