XBLA Review: Voodoo Dice

Not your typical board game…

Voodoo Dice is a strange puzzle game where you control a dice across levels that look like board games. The object is to reach the end of each area quickly, but also overcoming objects like barriers, switches and teleporters to get to the finish. It’s an interesting idea, but is it enough to stand out from the crowd?

The barriers that are in the way can only be defeated by matching the number that is on them with your dice, so you’ll keep trying to work out how to get to the barrier with a certain number. It sounds simple, but it can be tricky…especially when some of the achievements require you to beat the levels in insanely quick times. I personally can’t see how some of them are possible, but I guess with practise they might be.

Voodoo Dice isn’t a one trick pony, there are switches that need blocks pushed on them to hold them down…which can be tricky to get in place, especially if you accidentally push the block against a wall and can’t move it. Some levels will require several attempts to get the right strategy and also to get a good finishing time. There are also arrows on the ground which shoves your dice in the direction it’s pointed at, which can prove tricky with the barrier puzzles.

The game has 12 achievements, here is the list:

Good Start! 5g Complete the first level
First Golden Nugget 15g Complete a level by beating the Voodoo time
Creeper Weaver 10g Complete all the World 1 levels
Baobab Tree Climber 10g Complete all the World 2 levels
Coconut Juggler 10g Complete all the World 3 levels
Temple Looter 10g Complete all the World 4 levels
King of the Jungle 25g Complete all the World 1 levels by beating the Voodoo time
Prince of the Desert 25g Complete all the World 2 levels by beating the Voodoo time
Champion of the Tropics 25g Complete all the World 3 levels by beating the Voodoo time
Lord of the Dungeon 25g Complete all the World 4 levels by beating the Voodoo time
New Skin 5g Change your appearance before selecting a world
Voodoo Sorcerer 35g Complete all the levels in each world by beating the Voodoo time

There are a total of 60 single player levels, so there’s plenty of value for your cash. But there’s also a decent multiplayer with modes like race, flag, tactic, arcade and 20 levels. They are quite fun and addictive, but it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Voodoo Dice is one of those games that some will like and others will despise. The puzzles although good, can be frustrating at times and require dedication and patience that some just won’t have. Visually, Voodoo Dice is a pretty but basic looking game. For an XBLA game though, it’s decent enough to look at. Music is a mixed bag as are the sound effects.

The Verdict

Voodoo Dice is a nice puzzler, but might be too taxing for some. It will test you, especially trying to beat the voodoo times for achievements…but that aside, it’s a good game with a decent lifespan and one that is at least worth a try.