XBLA Review: TMNT: Out of the Shadows

Anyone for turtle soup?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is a button mashing adventure with drop in-out co-operative play. For the final Summer of Arcade title, Out of the Shadows is probably the weakest of the bunch as it tries to catch that nostalgia feeling of the arcade but fails to do so with an awkward camera, dull combat and bugs that hinder it.
The game has the typical formula of a game like this where you clear the enemies on screen and move onto the next area, then repeat. You do get XP and can upgrade your abilities as well as get new moves, but it does feel like a shallow experience on the whole. You can pull off decent combos and the game doesn’t look that bad visually, it just looks average and the comic-book style cutscenes aren’t of a high-quality and ruin the flow of the story when it should make it stronger.
It’s just full of glitches, the combat is nothing more than button mashing when it comes down to it and is a real disappointment for both TMNT fans and arcade fans alike. The co-op works but when the game handles the way it does, there isn’t any real need to do so unless you are after cleaning up your achievement list.

The Verdict

TMNT: OOTS is a shallow and below average button masher with plenty of glitches and an awkward camera to add into the mix. The voice-acting is cheesy and the cutscenes ruin the flow of the story. Summer of Arcade titles used to have quality, but this year it’s been very up and down…