XBLA Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner

Welcome to Savannah….

After last episode’s heartache, The Walking Dead just gets more brutal with Episode 4. The crew finally arrive in Savannah, the last hope for the group as they try and find a boat…only to find that they are all either gone/salvaged for parts. Add in a twisted nearby town that doesn’t accept any kids and euthanizes anyone with any ailments and you’ve got one bad-ass situation on your hands. Lee tries to put a brave face on it, but you can see he’s starting to struggle with the current predicament he finds himself in.

Clementine is the real star of this episode, she’s the symbol of hope for the group and Lee would do anything to protect her from harm, even kill if necessary. You’ll come across some tough choices once again in Episode 4, some are just tough in general and some are just tragic and too terrible to even consider. This episode is mostly story-driven like the others, so there aren’t many puzzles and the ones you do come across are fairly easy.

Lee comes across a few new characters hidden under the sewer tunnels of Savannah, while he’s also being stalked by someone who claims to know Clementine. Lee can decide to ask for the help of the tunnel dwellers or threaten them to do so, that’s the great thing about The Walking Dead…if you don’t like a character, at some point you’ll get a chance to make them meet their end or save them if you like them, for the most part anyway…it doesn’t always work out that way, just look at Episode 3 and you’ll know what I mean by that.

Savannah is pretty rundown with bodies stacked up high, almost everything has been salvaged and someone keeps ringing church bells to attract zombies to your position, thanks a lot! The episode ends on a cliffhanger that sets up the finale and there’s no teaser trailer this time, so I have no idea what to expect, all I know is that it will be epic but also tragic in nature.

Visually, Episode 4 is a great looking game as are the others and there does seem to be less framerate issues, while loading seems a bit quicker. Voice-acting is truly superb and the script is masterfully done, I can’t wait to see what Episode 5 has in store for the group.

The Verdict

“Around Every Corner” is the most ambitious episode to date, it adds new depth to the characters and to you as a player, will you choose to save certain characters or let them rot? Will you be able to protect Clementine? Who knows what the season finale will provide, but it will be amazing if the past 4 episodes are anything to go by…