XBLA Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect

House of the Rising Satsuma?

Fruit Ninja Kinect is a fun game in which you use your arms as blades to cut up flying fruit for high scores. The Classic mode keeps throwing fruit at you until you either hit a bomb or miss 3 pieces of fruit. Arcade mode gives you 1 minute to get the highest score you can with power-ups and obstacles lowering your score and Zen mode gives you 90 seconds with nothing to hinder you. There is 2 player support for those who wish to do so and also you can pit your scores against your friends online and if you beat any of them, achievement time!

The game is thin on content for the price tag, especially when you consider the mobile version to be just 99 cents compared to the XBLA version of 800 Microsoft Points. If it were 400 or if they added more content then I think I’d be more forgiving, it just seems a huge rip-off for what is essentially an iPhone game with Kinect support. Don’t get me wrong about the game itself as that is highly addictive and painful when played for a long time, damn my arms ache!)

The lag is minimal and makes good use of Kinect, although I’d imagine that most will hold off buying this as a code for it comes with The Gunslinger from Twisted Pixel, now that seems a much better thing to do than pay over the odds. Apart from trying to get a high score of over 250 in Classic, over 500 in Arcade and 200 in Zen there isn’t a whole lot to do except keep playing till you slice 10,000 pieces of fruit and trying to get every fact about fruit. The game runs smoothly and is decent enough to look at, but it’s nothing special.

The Verdict

Fruit Ninja Kinect is addictive and fun, but light on things to do. It’s good in short bursts, which will help extend its lifespan somewhat but it’s pretty pricey for what fruit is in the bowl.