XBLA Review: Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz

Put your football knowledge to the test in this XBLA quiz!

Are you a Football Genius? Test your football knowledge in Football Genius — The Ultimate Quiz! The game features six questions packs covering International, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish football with over 3500 questions about your favorite teams, players, and tournaments!

Football knowledge: This gripping general football knowledge trivia quiz features more than 3,500 trivia questions and visual puzzles.

Something for everyone: Get in on the fun with nine diverse game modes, multiplayer mode for up to four players, and Big Button controller support (for you Scene It? fans).

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about playing a football quiz game. I’m a footy fan for sure, but I don’t really follow the international teams, only England and my hometown club of Newcastle United. So, I got plenty of questions wrong through my course of the game. It’s essentially set up like a Scene It type of game where the questions are split into rounds, each corresponding to a moment in football like Kick-Off, Foul Play and Dribbling.

The game has 12 achievements with a total of 200 gamerpoints up for grabs, they are fairly easy and should take you around 3-10 hours depending on your knowledge on the sport. Here’s the list:

Football Genius 30- Answer 500 questions correctly

Hattrick 10- Answer 3 questions correctly in a row

Starter 10- Answer the first Kick Off question correctly before any other players

All Rounder 20- Get 1 answer correctly in each of the 9 rounds throughout a single game

Untouchable 15- Win a foul play round without receiving any fouls

Glory Boy 10- Keep possession of the ball for the entire Dribble Round

Perfect Throw In 15- Answer a throw-in question correctly with only one hint on the screen

Paparazzi 10- Answer 5 picture questions correctly in a single game

Tackle Devil 20- Tackle over 2500 points from one player in a single game

Striker 20 – Answer 30 question correctly in a single game

Victor 20 -Win a game against at least 1 opponent

Football Fan 20 – Answer 200 questions correctly

There a few achievements that will take you a while to get like Football Genius and Untouchable. Worst of all, you can’t pause the game to look for answers! Instead the game will just carry on regardless, so you really have to memorise the answers or just know them straight away. It’s nothing more than a quiz; it does what it says on the tin.

The menus are simple and the quizzes are fairly short compared to other games, the questions span about 15 years of recent football…so it’s not too far back. There is a nice mixture of questions, so they can be tough for non-football enthusiasts. The problem is that real footy fans would probably be more content to play FIFA or Pro Evo than answer questions about it.

The Verdict

Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz lives upto its name by testing your footy knowledge to the absolute limit! It may wear thin after a while and the achievements are time consuming, but it’s a decent quiz game nonetheless. One for purists and the truly dedicated fans only…