Wii Review: We Sing: Robbie Williams

Can Robbie still entertain you?

We Sing: Robbie Williams is the next game from Nordic Games who made the successful 8.0 scoring We Sing Encore. Can they do the same and recapture the Robbie magic?

Indeed they can, but before I get into how it works…here’s the tracklist:
1. Old Before I Die 1997
2. Angels 1997
3. Let Me Entertain You 1998
4. No Regrets 1998
5. Strong 1999
6. She’s the One 1999
7. Rock DJ 2000
8. Kids 2000
9. Supreme 2000
10. Let Love Be Your Energy 2001
11. The Road to Mandalay 2001
12. Eternity 2001
13. Somethin’ Stupid 2001
14. Beyond the Sea 2001
15. Mr. Bojangles 2002
16. Feel 2002
17. Come Undone 2003
18. Something Beautiful 2003
19. Sexed Up 2003
20. Radio 2004
21. Tripping 2005
22. Advertising Space 2005
23. Sin Sin Sin 2006
24. Bodies 2009
25. You Know Me 2009
26. Shame (featuring Gary Barlow) 2010

It’s a great line-up of the best Robbie tracks including his last song before rejoining Take That. The game starts up with a Mii character who is meant to be Robbie and he introduces you to the game with a few lines of dialogue. That’s his only contribution to the game, which is disappointing but the game is about his music from the iconic Angels to the memorable video of him and Nicole Kidman on THAT bed…

The interface remains the same as it did in Encore. You can sing solo or with upto 4 players (providing you have 4 mics and a hub to plug them all into). You can play against each other to earn points. But for the solo player, you can unlock videos and try your hand at the lessons which teach you to sing in tune…which is a bit ironic coming from Robbie since he’s had many live performances where that hasn’t been the case…

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Robbie’s music. Especially You Know Me and Angels. It’s a good move, especially with the reforming of Take That to capitalize on it with a tribute game with all his best tracks on it. The videos are also high quality and the mics that come with the game are great quality. Of course, the problem is that if you hate Robbie then this game will not be for you at all since there isn’t a single non-Robbie song on the disc. But that’s the only real problem I can find.

The Verdict

We Sing: Robbie Williams is a great game full of the man’s best music. It does what it says on the box and nothing else needs saying. This is for Robbie fans ONLY. I wonder what Nordic Games will make next…How about a Meat Loaf or Rat Pack game? Please!!