Wii Review: More Game Party

Another mini-game compilation hits the Wii, but not in a good way

With 11 games in all, More Game Party for the Wii console includes fun to play games that will provide hours of enjoyment with friends and family. More Game Party features new games like Bean Bags, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Puck Bowling and more. Each game, including classics like Skill Ball, Darts and Hoop Shoot has exciting new features like four player mode, customisable characters and tournament play, making More Game Party the ultimate party game for all ages and skill levels.

Game features:

Four-player action available for all games. Never play alone again! Get together with friends and family to see who can rank #1 in all 11 games. If the party gets too big, set up tournaments for up to sixteen players!

Individual profiles. Players can now create a profile to track their progress and skill level as they play. Multiple players can create and use profiles, taking the game to a level playing field creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Create your own characters. Utilise the new ‘Create-a-Player’ system to design unique characters to fit individual styles.

Discover extended content by earning tickets that enable players to unlock new game modes, a variety of playing surfaces and equipment, as well as unlocking additional create-a-player assets.

Eleven games in all:

Bean Bags
Hoops Shoot
Ping Cup
Lawn Darts
Puck Bowling
Quarterback Challenge

Be it Mario Party, Wario Ware or Wii Sports. Nintendo knows how to make good party games that all will enjoy, the problem is that a lot of other companies are trying to do the same, although not nearly as good with boring games with shoddy controls and ugly graphics. More Game Party sadly falls into this trap, one that it should stay down and never surface again. This is one game that everyone must avoid.

First off, the controls are a disgrace. It’s all handled with the Wii Remote and the A button. Most require you to hold down the A button then throw the remote in a certain direction while letting go of the button as you do it, it worked with Wii Sports but the detection is incredibly off on this. Many times, the game didn’t even recognise the moves I was making; it was a joke how bad it was. Accuracy is also incredibly bad, if you’re trying to throw a ball in a cup or a dart at the board, you need to do it very gently, because if you try and do it like you would in real life, it’ll completely miss.

The choices of games are also terrible, why the hell would you want to pretend to throw a digital bean bag at a virtual hole for? It’s not fun, it’s not clever and it lacks any real innovation. Sadly, most of the games just require you to throw things. There’s no real variation and lacks any substance, playing solo is about as boring as it can get…I tried it with a few friends but it didn’t add anything new other than to confirm to me that the game is awful. The visuals are weak as they could be, it’s like they weren’t even really trying to impress gamers. Instead it looks like a cheap cash-in attempt at those who enjoy mini-games on the Wii. Take my advice and buy Wario Ware or Mario Party instead; this is just a disgrace to gaming.

The Verdict
I can’t believe just how bad More Game Party is, it’s shameful and just not fun to play at all. Even if the controls were responsive, the game would still be boring as hell with unimaginative games that most will hate. Remember these three words: avoid, avoid and avoid.