Wii Review: Back to the Future – The Game

Will you see some serious s**t when the Wii hits 88mph?

One of the classic lines from the Back to the Future trilogy and while the episodic games were good, it was only a matter of time before it left the PC and headed to consoles. Now I haven’t played the PS3 version, but I assume its closer to the PC version technically than that of the Wii counterpart, which is lacklustre with its visuals and has framerate issues throughout.

The episodes can be chosen in any order, which is a bit odd. Why not lock Episodes 2-5 until you complete the past episode? Also, the pointer isn’t the friendliest, while like I said the framerate and visuals really let it down, which is a shame since the game is partly cel-shaded, so I thought the Wii version would be able to handle it. Of course compared to playing the game in 1080p, a 480p version will look a lot worse…but that doesn’t excuse why the framerate is a joke in comparison.

As a series though, the Back to the Future games are superb. It’s a whole new story that takes place six months after the 3rd film and it has all the standard paradoxes and sci-fi gags that you would imagine from the franchise. Christopher Lloyd returns as Doc Brown and although Michael J Fox doesn’t reprise his role of Marty McFly, he does take a smaller role as one of McFly’s ancestors in the final episode. As far as the plot goes, it does very well to recapture the magic of the films and is very well written…i hope they bring a second season along, further down the road (insert “we won’t need roads where we’re going” joke here)

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The Verdict

Despite its obvious technical errors compared to PS3 and PC, the Wii version still retains what is a solid game. If you can overlook this, then there’s a gem here waiting to be discovered by Wii owners.