Wii Review: Agatha Christie – Evil Under The Sun

Poirot makes his Wii debut but should have stayed in Belgium.

The famous detective Hercule Poirot is back in typical style, turning up at just the right time to begin an investigation into the murder of a famous actress during what should have been the start of a relaxing holiday. Taking on the role of Hercule Poirot, Will be able to scour a stunning tropical island for clues and delve deeper into the mysterious relationships between over 20 unique characters in order to seek out the killer.
Play as world-renowned Belgian detective Hercule Poirot

Over 20 unique characters to interact with, each with their own motives

Cinematic camera perspectives emphasizing character facial emotions

“Shadowing” ability allows Poirot to stealthily follow suspects from a discreet distance

Advanced in-game hint system, including automatic journal recording

Additional storyline appended to that of the original novel providing a new ending

So here at last, is the opportunity to play as everyone’s favourite classic detective, the one and only Hercule Poirot. Can you find out ‘whodunnit’ before anyone else becomes a victim?

I enjoy point and click games but usually of the comic variety like Sam and Max or Strong Bad from Telltale. When it comes to murder mysteries, it can be a mixed bag as they have to get the balance of pace just right so it doesn’t drag out too long. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with Evil Under The Sun…it’s just far too slow moving to be enjoyable.
I know I shouldn’t say this…but I hate Agatha Christie and I hate Poirot. Last year, I reviewed another Agatha Christie game which was average, yet wasn’t too bad. This game on the other hand is twice as slow, even though it uses the same interface as last year’s game. The story isn’t upto much either, although Christie fans who have read the book will probably find some enjoyment out of it as it has an all-new ending, but seeing as I never have read it…I couldn’t tell you what that is.

The game also looks like it was made on a low budget. Cutscenes look like something from the old PC games of the 90’s, not 2008. Character models are very basic and the areas lack real detail, the game also doesn’t support 480p so it looks awful anyway, but for a Wii game…they could have done so much more than make a simple port of the PC game, which this is. Voice-acting is also atrocious with a terrible Belgian accent from Poirot and the rest is just embarrassing. The overall script isn’t too bad…it would just work a lot better with more talented voice actors. Music is mostly hit and miss and instantly forgettable.
Solving puzzles can be tricky and the game does last a while, if you have the patience to endure it. I found myself groaning at how dull the game can be at times, it actually pained me to play it. Games are meant to be enjoyable, to capture your imagination and so on…all Evil Under The Sun did was send me straight to the land of nod.

The Verdict

Non-fans of the Belgian like myself should stay well clear of this latest “offering” from The Adventure Company and pick up Sam and Max instead. Fans of Agatha should enjoy it overall, but it all depends on how much you like the story…I found it to be boring but can see how some might enjoy it. So to sum it up, this game is for the fans only…everyone else should avoid it.