Thirteen1 September Issue Available Now

The latest issue is now online…


Thirteen1 – Press Release, Hull, Monday 14th September 2009.. here now to skip the below text and dive straight into the latest edition of Thirteen1 magazine!

The September edition of free-to-read online games magazine Thirteen1 is available now, packed with reviews, previews and coverage of all the top titles you need to know about.

Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon event went ahead as scheduled, with plenty to talk about now they have a new Warcraft expansion, Diablo III and StarCraft II in the works. Thirteen1 has a handy summary of all the info they released, with plenty of images to clamp your eyes on.

The Drunken Gamer is stumbling all over the issue this month, with a preview of League of Legends, some explosive fun with ‘Splosion Man and suggestions for Drunken Games that you can play on the latest titles too.
There are loads more reviews kicking around in the issue, such as; the new Wolfenstein, recent Fallout DLC Mothership Zeta, The Ashes and the small matter of a rather anticipated title featuring DC’s Batman – all presented with top magazine quality graphics and interactive pages!

Thirteen1 also takes a look at Augmented Reality and how it’s shaping the future of gaming, and go all cool and original with the first of many game soundtrack reviews! They don’t get the press they deserve, you know.

Add an interview with Champions Online here, a Q&A with Assassins Creed II there, all the regular features in-between and a sprinkling of free competitions over the top, and you have the September issue of Thirteen1.

Free Comps and Giveaways!

As always, there are top-gaming goodies to be won with Thirteen1!

The September issue of Thirteen1 hosts the awesome retro-gaming contest for the 4th month running – where you can win loads of classic games, and there are copies of the hilarious point-and-clicker Time Gentlemen, Please!, which has won endless amount of praise since it’s release!

Enjoy the issue!

-Thirteen1 Team