Sonic “Project Needlemouse” Playable Characters?

Who will be starring alongside Sonic in this game? You will be shocked by the truth!

This week Sega has been unveiling which characters will NOT be playable in the new Sonic game known as Project Needlemouse. Now to the shock of us all, Sega has done the unthinkable…just look below!

Yes, you saw right. Sonic is the ONLY playable character in the game. Better yet, it seems the game will be entirely focused on the blue hedgehog…for the first time since the original. There won’t even be any non-player characters from what the Sega Blog tells it.

It seems that the team has finally listened to the fans and given them what they want. A 2D Sonic game with just Sonic…no Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chaotix, Silver, Shadow and best of all, no Big the Cat. Maybe this will be just the game to finally give some dignity back to the spikeball in the next-gen gaming world.