Sonic Colours Announced

An adrenaline-pumping super fast ride through an amazing interstellar amusement park!

Dear Valued Eggman Empire Products Customer,

We’re pleased to announce a brand new enterprise today – work has begun on an extraordinary amusement park that now orbits our world where you will find the most out of this world action this side of the Milky Way. Book now to be the first to experience accelerating to adrenaline-pumping super speeds and blasting through obstacles in ways never before experienced and be overcome by the awe and majesty of Dr. Eggman’s glorious devices.

Meet with the multi-coloured and multi-talented Wisps, who will provide you with thrills and spills as you travel through the park and the more you meet the more crazy and memorable the experience will be!

Please note: these Wisps are well cared for and are in no way being held against their will for nefarious purposes.

Below you can see a brief teaser video for the experience.

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