Roland-Garros French Open Enters Empire of Sports

In Empire of Sports, everyone has a chance of winning ‘Roland-Garros: The Virtual Tournament’!

Tuesday, 26th May 2009, Paris/… Empire of Sports, the first online world entirely dedicated to sport, is proud to have an agreement in place with the French Tennis Federation to promote the Roland-Garros French Open, for the first time in a 3D and virtual world. This agreement with the world-famous Roland-Garros strengthens Empire of Sports’ position as a global reference point for interactive sports entertainment new media.

In a first of its kind, “Roland-Garros: The Virtual Tournament” is the official online 3D version of this famous Grand Slam tournament and is now open for anyone to play in the virtual world of Empire of Sports. Very soon, the French Tennis Federation will also be taking up residency in Empire of Sports and will feature a club house modeled with the Roland-Garros colours.

Michel Grach, Media Executive Director of the French Tennis Federation, said: “Roland-Garros is also a place meant to totally support and welcome the new technologies, and that’s the reason why Empire of Sports has seduced us. Its ease of access, the high tactical qualities of its tennis game, as well as the outstanding enthusiasm of its community make our presence in Empire of Sports an opportunity to build and to dialogue with a community in line with the expectations of younger generations.”

Alexis Galley, CEO of Empire of Sports, said: “With Roland-Garros, Empire of Sports attaches its name to arguably one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. By trusting us to organize Roland-Garros events in Empire of Sports, the French Tennis Federation allows us to offer our members a unique occasion to live one step closer their passion for tennis.”

To register to Empire of Sports and have a chance to enter Roland-Garros: The Virtual Tournament”: