Review: Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro Gamepad (PS4/PC)

We take Gioteck’s latest controller for a spin…

A few weeks ago, I received the SC3 controller from Gioteck. It’s a more Premium controller than their usual products so I’ve been putting it through it’s paces on PS4 and PC. Before I dive in, here’s the specs:

  • Rumble triggers
  • Customisable face plates
  • 3 x height thumbsticks
  • Programmable LED strips
  • Angled action buttons
  • Programmable back buttons
  • Volume control

The controller itself is incredibly comfortable to hold and the triggers feel great to push down, while you can switch out the thumbsticks to your own comfort. The LED strips are a nice touch and programming that and the back buttons were easy enough to do. The grips of the controller are nice too, while the touchpad is a bit hit and miss overall. The connection slot can also be a bit temperamental, but the charge it has is impressive overall at 5-6 hours.

You can also change the face plates, which was simple to do and a nice addition. The main issue I have with the controller is the price point, which stands at £59.99 and while I love being able to switch out thumbsticks and have LED strips, it’s hard to justify when it when the DualShock 4 is £10 cheaper and doesn’t have the issues with the connection slot.

You can also use the controller to adjust volume control for stereo headsets, but the port for the headsets is positioned in a way that makes it impossible to use with certain PS4 headsets which is baffling overall.

The Verdict

On the one hand the Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro Gamepad is a comfortable controller with adjustable thumbsticks and face plates with great LED strips, but on the other hand you also have the questionable price point, issues with the connector slot and potential issues with PS4 headsets. It’s a great controller overall, but I think they’d do better if they at least matched the price tag of the DualShock 4.

Score: 7.5